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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MONTANA CANADA TRIP - Day 2. Lee Vining, CA - McDermitt, NV

We started the day with organic espresso sitting in the sun on a deck overlooking Mono Lake. The bright sun warmed us up after a rather cold night in the cabin.

Then we followed the recommendation of a Lee Vining locals and toured the June Lake Loop, a short distance off Hwy 395 south of Lee Vining. June Lake is a hidden community of old timers and vacationers, which has been around since the 1930s. One of California's best kept secrets. The mountains, the three lakes, the big sky and the wild flowers made it a great morning. Here is a photo:

After the June Lake Loop and a late breakfast we set out for our destination, McDermitt, on the Oregon/Nevada border. It was a long afternoon through the high desert. Less monotonous than I expected, but still monotonous. A thunderstorm was threatening all afternoon, and finally hit us -- short but intense -- shortly outside of Winnemucca.

McDermitt, is a godforsaken excuse for a town on the Nevada/Oregon border. I'm sure the only reason for its existence is so that Oregonians can gamble without traveling too far. The 2000 census recorded 269 residents. I bet the population is half that now. McDermitt was somewhat redeemed by a good restaurant within the casino, run by a number of very smart and competent Native American women. Here is a photo:

But I'll be glad to get an early start tomorrow. Destination: Boise for breakfast.

More photos

Accommodations: Diamond A Motel, McDermitt.


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