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Sunday, June 21, 2009


Another family day. With all of the formal events over and many of the guests gone, this was my chance to sit down and really catch up with my cousins, and for Jonathan to get acquainted. My Austin cousins are my only cousins, so I hold my relationship with them dearly.

When Jonathan and I arrived, Alice's life collection of family photos were spread out so her children could select and keep. Most were taken by Alice's husband Chic, my blood uncle. I hadn't realized what a gifted photographer he was until I saw them all laid out on the floor -- mostly portraits and nature photos in black and white. Many of the photos evoked memories for some of us, and other revealed surprises. We were all struck by Alice's physical beauty as a young woman, and how Chic captured her essence on film. Obviously, Chic loved photographing Alice, and she made a wonderful model. We wondered if there were other photos that didn't survive that might of revealed a different side of their relationship. ...

What a drag that I have no digital copies to share on this blog!!

A full day of visiting and enjoying each others company, the conversation often returned to Alice and Chic and family in general. Underlying our conversation was the unspoken certainty that we would never meet again in this setting. After a long walk in the woods, Jonathan and I took our leave. But the day will be with me forever.


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