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Friday, July 02, 2010

Writer's Diary, #6, End of a chapter

Yesterday morning I packed up my computer, my printer, my research books, my espresso maker and said good-bye to Green Valley, Arizona, my writing retreat for the past month. The month by myself was a writer's dream, and I had the luxury to experiment with narrative styles, organization, design, and presentation -- seeking the very best form for this book. Even more of a luxury is the leisure to go back and revise if a better idea comes up. I left with what I think is a pretty solid first draft. We shall see.

Now I go back to real life to California -- to work, classes, gardening, shopping, and all the details that make up modern life. That's as it should be, and I know I'll get back in the routine quickly, and be happy about it.

This month was a treat, and the remainder of this book series will be squeezed in between more pressing duties, especially teaching three classes fall semester on top of my three day a week day job.

Hello life!

Here's a photo I tookon Hwy I-19 leaving Green Valley