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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


"I thought happiness was Lubbock Texas in my rear view mirror" *

Well, not so with me.
This may be my last visit to Lubbock and I am sad to see the city in my rear view mirror. When Christiaan decided to go to law school in Lubbock I had to look for the damn place on the map. But I've visited four times in the past three years, each time I had a great time and discovered surprising secrets about the city. Lubbock has been good to me.

A few of the surprises:
West Texas hospitality
A home cooked Albanian feast
A great sculpture garden on the TTU campus
The largest archive for the Vietnam War in the US
Buddy Holly Center (Buddy was born and raised in Lubbock)
Great public radio (89.1)

I�m sorry to see Lubbock in my rear view mirror, but my son and all my young friends are moving on to other things in other locations. I may not return physically, but Lubbock remains a fond memory in my heart.

*From a song by Mac Davis, Texas in my rear view mirror. The lyric is:

I thought happiness was lubbock texas in my rear view mirror
My momma kept calling me home but I just did not want to hear her

mac davis

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