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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Today we travel around the island of Hvar, to Hvar City. The sea is choppy, and we are not permitted to dock at the city harbor because of the weather, so we must dock at a private harbor nearby and take a water taxi to town. All part of the adventure.

Our third day at sea, and I start to pay attention to the yachting culture that surrounds us. The water taxi is filled with yachtspeople. Many Brits, a good number of Germans, and a lesser but significant number of Scandinavians. Since the weather is bad I notice a lot of sitting around, a lot of drinking and a lot of eating. I suspect that within this culture, there are groups and subgroups, little caravans of yachts that form and make their way from one port to another.

Yet another subculture I know nothing about.

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