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Sunday, May 27, 2007


Milna, Brac: An interesting turn of events: this morning Matthew announces it is too windy to travel. We must alter our itinerary and spend the day docked in Milna. Since none of us know the least thing about the islands we would travel to, or at this point could possibly tell one island from another, we were quite satisfied to stay safe and sound in this charming village.

As for me, I fell in love with this village, and, first impressions notwithstanding, no other village except Cavtat, captured my heart so much. We spend a lazy day walking through the village, and up behind it into the agricultural area, imagining what it must be like for folks to live here .... and what it would be like for US to live here...

Something about the weather: We experienced less than perfect sailing weather throughout the trip. Matthew said he has never seen so much rain at this time of the year. We also had some extremely windy times. We spent more time than we wanted inside the cabin of the boat, and had to certain adjustments in our itinerary because of the weather. Most disappointing to Jonathan is that we never -- not even once -- go to raise the sails and go sailing.

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