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Friday, October 28, 2011

New Mexico postcard#2

Today I attended the Southwest Art History Conference here in Taos. First time I have ever walked from my home to a conference. A glorious day, as always. Some random photos from my walk to and from:

Mabel Dodge Luhan house. MDL was an East Coast heiress and patron of the arts who became enchanted with Taos just like me, but about 100 years ago. Unlike me, she had the resources to build a beautiful home/retreat, and entertained prominent artists such as D.H. Lawrence, Martha Graham, Georgia O'Keefe, Aaron Copland and a whole bunch of others. Now it is a retreat/conference center, and the site of my conference.

Kachinas in a Taos storefront.

It snowed the night before last and promptly melted in Taos, but the snow dusted Taos mountain and I suspect it will stay for the season.



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