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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

New Mexico postcard #4

Today my love went back to the Bay Area, and its time to buckle down to work. We left for the airport early in the morning, with a storm threatening, but it never materialized. The three hour drive made me realize how lucky I am to be only 20 minutes away from the airport at home.

I drove back to Taos on Hwy 14, marked on the map as a scenic route (as if there are road in New Mexico that are not scenic!). I came upon Madrid, New Mexico, a hamlet in the mountains that was originally a mining town, then a ghost town, and now an artists' community.

Here are a few photos:

Here I stopped at the only cafe for a coffee and reading break in the sunshine.

As I sit here, comfortable in this isolated corner of the world, my hometown is making national news with the General Strike. I have mixed feelings about being far away, and what if anything, I would do if I were home. Though I'm a strong MainStreeter vs WallStreeter, I'm not quite sure where the Occupy Oakland Movement is going.



Blogger Susan said...

You make me want to be down in New Mexico! I echo your two-sided feelings about Occupiers. Good luck with settling down to write.

11/05/2011 10:29 AM  

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