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Saturday, November 05, 2011

New Mexico postcard #5

SNOW in Taos! It started this morning with a really stormy sky. Then the wind came up, then rain, then hail, then sleet.  And then snow -- BIG showy flakes. Here are some photos taken from my balcony:

 This is the neighboring casita, but looks just like mine.

This is a view of the casitas north of mine (and coincidentally, the unit on the left is the very first place I stayed in Taos, in 2004).

The snow storm was short-lived, though it stayed cold and windy all day. I went out in the afternoon to attend a "Taos Reads" event at the public library. The library was packed!! Now I know where people hang out in Taos on cold days. (Would that it be the case in Oakland (:_(). 

Now it is evening and the snow is mostly melted. It will be cold tonight, this night when we all turn our clocks back to standard and start to get used to it getting dark at 5 p.m. The wind blew the leaves from the trees, those brilliant yellow leaves on the cottonwoods, elms, and aspens.

I believe autumn is over, and winter has begun.



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