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Saturday, December 03, 2011

New Mexico Postcard #8

A snowy day, and time to catch up. Here's snow photo to begin with, from an early morning walk in the fresh fallen snow.

But let me backtrack to last week and before, when I drove 1700 miles to Austin and back for the Thanksgiving holidays. That's two full days each way! I've made this trip twice in the past but never in the winter when the days are short and the fields are ever so bare.

As you'll see. Went through several ghost towns in eastern New Mexico. These photos are from Cuervo, just of I-40. This town has seen better days.

Then on to west Texas -- miles upon miles upon miles of west Texas. The major photo op is this grain elevator in the long shadows and the end of a winter day.

... and some hay bales covered for winter

Trip to Austin was four full days of fun and food with my beautiful family, and back to beloved New Mexico. This photo is or the Mora Valley, between Taos and Las Vegas (NM).



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