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Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Mexico postcard #9

I thought that by now I'd be taking winter in my stride and tell you it is no big deal. But, in fact, winter is a very big deal here at 7000 feet.Winter affects my daily routine, it makes driving and walking more dangerous, it determines what time of day I go out (and don't go out), it even affects the kinds of produce available in the markets. In a nutshell, winter is awesome and humbling and the experience of a lifetime.

This is a photo of a field near my house,with Taos mountain in the background. A typical day.

 This snow pictures is one of my favorites. This is a field about a block from my home.It evokes the somber nature of winter that I'm so attracted to.

I love this photo of a cemetery on Taos Pueblo land, very close to my home. Cemeteries all over northern New Mexico  look like this.

Here's the bonus photo. It really doesn't cost very much to live in New Mexico as evidenced by gas prices on 12/16/2011.
The images I unfortunately can't share are the Christmas lights and luminarias in Taos such as this one I found on the Internet:



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