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Friday, June 10, 2005


Today marks my eighth day as a full-time writer. You will notice my desk is getting messier. I had no idea what would go into writing an entire book -- how much blood, sweat and tears sitting at the computer, and I marvel at my naivete of even a week ago. My plan was so utterly vague -- I thought I'd come to Taos, explore the mountains, take pictures, read, hang out -- and write the entire book in my spare time. In fact even a few days ago I had this plan of maybe write 8-2 and then put it aside.

The good news is the I'm in an extremely productive state, and have kept to my schedule so far -- well, it's only the first week -- of a chapter a week. The good news also is that I'm so focused that I do begin about 8 in the morning and knock off about 10 at night and hardly know where the time goes inbetween.

This writing journey is a new one to me and it's nice to know that in my 60th year there is still space for new journeys and new horizons. I'm so grateful to Taos for providing my a nourishing environment to work, and to all my loved ones who are willing to put up with my inattention in this writing frenzy.Posted by Hello


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