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Friday, July 22, 2005


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I've had less time for blogging recently and here is the reason why. Jonathan arrived last Saturday and has been a welcome distraction from writing. We've been exploring Taos and the surroundings, kicking back and enjoying being together and taking an occasional all-day outing, such as today when we went on a river trip down the Rio Grande.

The trip was pretty exciting -- Jonathan's first rafting trip -- and I got a chance to observe yet another Taos culture, the cult of the outdoors. We started from the old bridge at Arroyo Hondo and rafted sixteen miles through the gorge to Pilar. Our most serious rapid was Class 4, pretty exciting, but we managed well thanks to an excellent guide.

Most of our activities, though, are within walking distance of our casita -- coffee and conversation at the Cafe Tazza, Fiesta Week0end on the Plaza, wine at sunset at the Fechin Inn, and the Farmer's Market early tomorrow morning. What a life! The thought of returning to Oakland is creeping into my consciousness.

So sad ...


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