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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Not bad for a writer's desk, no? Well yes, actually. I spent a scrumptious Sunday morning on Jonathan's deck overlooking the San Francisco Bay, trying to write. But for serious writing I must turn off all the external stimuli and write in a closet.

I've been stuck with my writing, and my one month break has turned into two. I seem to have lost my focus. I need to keep things simple, but they keep getting complicated. I need to fight the temptation to say everything, especially about the topics I'm not expert in. In addition, I'm torn about the publisher issue -- both hope for a contract to make the project concrete, and dread the it since I feel so unprepared.

I had an epiphany yesterday, while swimming. (Swimming is great for the creative process, as are wine and driving). I need to reorganize the manuscript, with emphasis on examples, sample forms, glossary and references. That is, to make it like a user manual. I'm working too hard.

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